Gradinita cu Program Prelungit Nr8,Buzau, Romania


Free, integrated and harmonious development of the child

Formation of an autonomous and creative personality

Supporting children in acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities needed for future school activities, as well as integration into society.

The human resource

Teaching staff

19 kindergarten teachers, psychological counselor;speech therapist;

Non-teaching staff

● doctor and 2 nurses,Heritage Administrator, Financial Administrator, 9 caregivers, 4 cooks, laundress


1 kitchen, 1 laundry, 1 medical isolation , An education and development resource centre (C.R.E.D), A methodical cabinet (equipped with teaching materials, sets of games and toys , A very large external playground, 9 classrooms with own bath and dining room for children, 1methodical office

(All rooms are equipped properly for the activities and appropriate of the specific psychophysical development of preschool children ), a psychopedagogy practice room


Two age levels (3-5 years and 5-6 years

Kindergarten with normal program 8 -12 - one teacherKindergarten with extended program 8 - 17 two teachers work in shifts

KIn the compulsory daily program there are several types of activities

kindergarten with weekly program Monday- Friday

Personal development activities, freely chosen activities, experiential activities, games and recreational activities

Personal development activities

Routines: Child arrival, morning meeting, breakfast,Hygiene - wash and toilet, lunch, sleep / afternoon relaxation, snacks, departure

Transitions: Are short-term activities that make the transition from routine to other types / categories of learning activities – such as songs, poems, games

AREAS OF INTEREST-FREELY CHOSEN ACTIVITIES- done on small groups, in pairs and even individually, different places in the class are specifically organized

Library, Construction, Science, Arts, Sand and Water, Corner of the House / Role Playing

EXPERIENCED ACTIVITIES ARE INTEGRATED ACTIVITIES: Science – math and Knowledge of the environment, Language and communication - Poems, stories, fairy tales and didactic games aimed at grammatical aspects, People and society - civic education, crafts, Creative and aesthetics- music, drawing painting modeling, The psychomotric field - sports