P1 Other Project Events

09-2020 All partner countries, -The project team will hold promotional meetings to realize the project activities- Sharing of duties and responsibilities related to project activities will be made, -The project will be made visible in the school and local area, -All partners, students and parents will be informed about the project activities and the timetable, The project website with the Erasmus + logo will be prepared by the Greek partner.- Students will be given duties and responsibilities to raise awareness about agricultural skills, -All partners' meetings, the activities to be held in the host country where the first field visit was made, and the video shootings and photo album related to the trip to be made will be prepared. (camera, smartphone). (output 1).

C1Short-term changes of student groups 10-2020 Turkey training workshop P2 Other Project Events 11-2020

-All partner countries will perform the activity I am preparing my garden. Planting areas will be created in the gardens of the partner schools. These cultivation areas will be cleared of weeds and soil hoeing with the students. The soil will be made ready to plant seeds and seedlings. In addition, all these activities will be turned into a 5- minute presentation with videos and photos. (output 2)

-All partners will hold classroom workshops on real objects. Some seeds to be planted in the school garden will be grown in pots in the classroom. At this stage, the germination and growth stages of the seed will be observed by the students -In order to make the project visible on an international scale, the outputs related to the activity will be uploaded by the greek partner to the facebook page, eTwinning platform, and web page.

C2 Short-term changes of student groups 05-2021 Italy Agriculture Workshop

C4 Short-term changes of student groups 10-2021 Bulgaria Agriculture Workshop

C3 Short-term changes of student groups 03-2022 Romania Agriculture Workshop

C5 Short-term changes of student groups 05-2022 Greece Agriculture Workshop