Our priorities in the project will be to support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and basic competences, with the social and educational value of European cultural heritage. The project has four main objectives:

1. To gain agricultural skills and ecological awareness.

2. To gain awareness and identity of European citizenship.

3. Developing social skills.

4. To serve to overcome prejudices, if any, by raising awareness about active European citizenship.

- Our project aims to bring agricultural skills, innovative practices and experiences with the participants from different parts of Europe. A joint school from 6 different countries from different parts of Europe will carry out the project. A total of 36 student groups, ages 5 to 10, will both participate in the activities and the mobility in the project. Coordinator countries as Turkey 1200, 807 Slovenia, Italy 1202, 184 Bulgaria, Romania and Greece have 220 to 115 students. Project partners include 4 primary schools and 2 kindergartens. Participants to the mobility; Participants will be determined based on the participant selection criteria prepared by the Turkish partner, the coordinator country. The selection criteria for the teachers and students to take part in the mobility project are as follows:

-Have high learner motivation.

-To take part in every stage of the project as a willing, interested and participatory. -To be willing to recognize different cultures and understandings. - Having an idea about European citizenship awareness and identity will be a priority.